What Use Are Macular Degeneration Supplements?

There are many reactions to age related macular degeneration, also known as ARMD, but the truth is that the most useful reaction is going to be to figure out how to fix it!  There are many different answers out there, but when you are looking at this disorder to see how far it goes and what you can do about it, you are going to start seeing a lot of information about the Age Related Eye Disease Study, also known as AREDS and about macular degeneration supplements.  What do you need to know about the disorder and what can you do to get the most out of your treatment?

First, it is important to remember that we still do not know what has caused ARMD.  There are many different theories, but in truth at this point, we only know that there are some factors that make you more prone to develop this condition. Age is by far and away the most reliable predicting factor when it comes to ARMD.   Once a person turns sixty, the chances of the developing the disorder will leap up to thirty percent.  Smoking, obesity, race and sex are all factors as well.  At the moment, while there is no known cause for the condition, it is worth noting that there are certainly things that can raise the chances of developing it.

After a study that took on more than 3500 individuals and then studied them for an average of 6.3 years, it was discovered that while they had no effect on cataracts, antioxidants combined with zinc oxide could actually halt or at least drastically slow down the progression of macular degeneration supplements in people who had intermediate ARMD.  At the intermediate stage of ARMD, the vision is beginning to be impaired.  While the antioxidant treatment combined with zinc will not restore vision that has already been lost, it can keep the condition relatively minor and controllable, before it descends into a very debilitating issue.

What are the antioxidants that are necessary in the treatment that AREDS formulated?  500 milligrams of vitamin C, 400 International Units of vitamin E, 25,0000 International Units of vitamin A (which is usually rendered as 15 milligrams of beta carotene) are the levels of antioxidants that are required.  80 milligrams of zinc, which also has antioxidant properties is included in the form of zinc oxide, and typically, copper in the form of cupric oxide is prescribed as well, due to the fact that high consumption of zinc will lead to a copper deficiency.

Remember that these levels of antioxidants are not going to be found in the typical over the counter supplement or even in changing your diet.  If you suspect that your ARMD is getting worse, speak with your doctor right away and make sure that you are getting the treatments that you need.

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