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Treatment For Macular Degeneration

Using Home Remedies

Many Americans over the age of 60 are experiencing age-related vision loss. Since there is no FDA approved cure, some of those sufferers are getting treatment for macular degeneration using home remedies.

The macula is a layer of tissue inside the back wall of your eyeball. This is the area of the retina where fine focusing occurs.

As your eye ages, the retinal pigment cells start to atrophy. When that happens, the cells are less efficient at removing waste. The normal color of the macula becomes a mottled yellow in appearance and degeneration of this tissue causes a blind spot or blurring in the center of vision.

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Many health practitioners and preliminary research find the following nutritional resources may prevent or reverse macular degeneration. Most mainstream doctors and researchers suggest a combination of these nutrient and lifestyle changes in addition to any regular treatment.

Eye health should never be taken for granted. When you need to treat an eye condition, or just prevent one, nature can provide us with ways to encourage healthy vision and prolong eye health. Reputable herbal and homeopathic remedies can help maintain eye health, prevent eye chronic conditions and start the healing process.

Here is a well known treatment for macular degeneration with home remedies.

Vitamins A, C, E - high doses of antioxidants work together protecting the eyes from developing degeneration. Beware, too much vitamin A or E can be toxic, so consult with your doctor first.

Zinc, Selenium – People who have higher levels of antioxidants in their blood, tend to have lower incidents of eye damage. The retina has two important enzymes that need zinc for vision.

Omega-3 fatty acids, co-enzyme Q10 – Many studies have found a diet rich in “Good fatty acids” can reduce the risk of macular degeneration. Eat lots of fish like salmon.

Leafy Green Vegetables - Lutein and zeaxanthin are important antioxidants found in high concentrations in spinach, collard greens, and kale. They protect the retina from sunlight damage.

A commonly used herb for eye health is Vaccinium myrtillus. Also know as bilberry, this herb has the ability to strengthen eye capillaries as well as reverse eye problems.

Carrots are one of the most popular home remedy for eye care and for good reason. Carrots are high in beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A an essential for overall eye heath. For only a few dollars a pound, eating carrots as a part of your balanced diet is an affordable as well as healthy eye care healthy.

Eye washes made with natural ingredients such as fennel seeds, eye bright, golden seal and honey and cold water are reported to clear away potentially toxic residue, and as a result promote eye health.

With the growing interest in anti-aging, only time and experience will tell if antioxidants and lifestyle changes will decrease the ravages of time. With your personal health practitioner as a guide, treatment for macular degeneration with home remedies may have some beneficial effect.

Make sure you let your doctor know which herbs you want to take to rule out side effects or interactions.

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